Beauty Is A Weapon – Jason

February 12, 2021

Beauty is a Weapon.

The inherent beauty of humanity is powerful.

Let us employ this power to encourage, uplift, invigorate, and awaken. Truth, love, joy, and art, colour, song and music, can remind us of the glorious divinity that resides within. 

Beauty can be a weapon in this war. A stark startling contrast to the grey emotionless world that the globalists would like to force us into.  

They want us to be faceless automated slaves, cowed and masked, acquiescing to every command, no matter how undignified. 

They plan to suck all the joy from our lives, and make us sub-human, as though we were cattle to be owned, herded, and branded. They intend to invade and control every area of our lives.

The lockdowns are the beginning. It doesn’t get any more fun from here. 

And who are ‘they’? These globalist elite billionaires, the puppet masters that think they can own us and our futures? Depraved, weak, and full of envy; they deserve nothing but our despise. 

We are not dealing with a rational, reasonable agenda that we could oppose with democratic process. We cannot appeal to tyrants. They will destroy us, and everything we ever cherished if we allow it. 

The abuser doesn’t change his ways; we have to say ‘no.’ We have to find the dignity and humanity within ourselves to stand up.

Beauty, in song, art, creative expression, in music, in solidarity, in humanity, in soul, in craft, in performance, in courage, in truth, in close proximity, in defiance of tyranny, in love, laughter, and in truly being alive. Beauty in being free, and in knowing right from wrong, rejecting lies, rejecting slavery and subjection. 

The beauty of God, country, and family. Pride in heritage, good and bad – because the point of mistakes is to learn from them. 

Let’s be joyful, as God intended, and free, and strike a dagger to the tyrant’s heart. Let’s sing, dance, and love one another. We’ll cover their grey vision with the violence of vibrancy; with a righteous storm of colour. 

Let us rise up and throw down tyranny forever. 
Let us burn the masks, and open up. 
We are many, and they are few. 
We have pursued righteous and lawful routes, and we will continue to.  
We will not be placated with lies. 
We insist that tyranny end,
and the tyrant surrender.


  1. Karl

    What a truly wonderful and inspiring read. 👊👊We are the 99%.

  2. Neil

    I heard Dr Zach Bush say that it is better to look for beauty in everything than to look for love.


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