Boris And The Circ-Covid

February 24, 2021

I came across an old video the other day, footage of Boris Johnson’s failed zip wire stunt in Victoria Park, London – promoting the Olympics in 2012.

The stunt seemed innocent enough, suiting Boris down to a tee, fully strapped up in his tailored suit, crash helmet on and brandishing two Union flags as he ambles down this zip wire, waving in enthusiasm above a sea of bemused onlookers. He makes it three-quarters of the way to his destination before his journey slows and he slides back to a halt. Dangling there helpless, he chortles “This is well organised,” before being dragged to the finish line by minions.

As foreign secretary he was shipped off to other countries and he regularly insulted foreign dignitaries. His own party saw him as an embarrassment and wanted him out of the way of Westminster. Boris the clown.

Low and behold he’s now running the country, in charge of all government policy and making a complete ass out of this pandemic.

Policies have been introduced without a plan. They are completely reactive. How many U turns have we seen in the past year?

3 weeks to flatten the curve. We’re getting close to 52 weeks later.
There is no scientific evidence that masks are effective. Wear a mask. Even 2. Why not 3?
We need to have a curfew because COVID comes out after 10pm. Really? That’s a clever virus. Track and trace was a crash and burn.
The Government supplied our NHS with out-of-date stockpiles of PPE.

Businesses spent money adapting their safety measures – for council health and safety regulators to not check them. Despite these measures being implemented, the majority are closed, whilst the supermarkets and online giants have a monopoly of the public’s income.

Boris and his cronies are now at the point of ignoring advice from the World Health Organisation. The gold standard PCR test, which the WHO have now admitted there are issues with it after other countries have ruled it as unreliable and quarantines are unlawful, is still being used to test for potential cases. This is the culprit for driving the pandemic. It is utter madness.

SAGE have also said to not to focus on mass testing. What are we doing now? Having door to door swabs and the Royal Mail are posting 3 million tests a week.

The Pfizer vaccine roll out, information was given out stating the two doses are to be given within 3 weeks to remain effective. They’re being rolled out 12 weeks apart, against the manufacturer’s conducted trials that they completed in order to be granted an emergency licence.

Even if you have had the vaccine, you are to “Act like you still have COVID,” because you could still pass it on. Who writes this stuff? It is incredulous.

How many times did you say to yourself last year, “This doesn’t make sense, but I guess I’ll go with it, they know what they’re doing.” Ministers even openly said this doesn’t make sense, but pleading us to go along with it.

Why are we all still listening to it and allowing it to happen?

Boris still seems to be dangling helplessly on this zip wire, vacantly gazing at those beneath him, those desperate for any opportunity to get back to normality. “This is well organised.” Those flags he’s flying for the NHS are hanging limp now. Are we really proud to be British?

He is making a mockery of us.

The same Boris who thinks that businesses can get by on Scotch eggs, fails to realise the extent of the missing income.

He’s the Grinch that stole Christmas.

However, Boris announced his ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ on Monday 22nd February, a one-way road to freedom by June 2021. That’s all well and good right? Or is he dangling one big carrot in front of the public?

His three-step approach is riddled with caveats. As long as the vaccine uptake continues etc, as long as we all follow the guidance like good boys and girls….. As soon as he, his cronies and the media decide that the vaccine uptake is not good enough, they’re going to find an excuse to keep the UK locked up and point the finger at the public for not being good enough. The blame will be pointed back at us as they did in 2020, and the whole vicious cycle starts again.

Scotland is reporting that the vaccine impact has reduced the number of COVID hospitalisations dramatically – but it does not take into account the impact the vaccine has had on care homes and the reported outbreaks after the vaccine has been administered. Even the MHRA are failing to report the care home data concerning Adverse Drug Reactions (including deaths) from the vaccines. This is a facade – they show you the numbers they want you to see.

As long as the vaccine uptake is working for all those of working age (the younger you are – the less likely this virus will have a severe impact remember), we can forget about the elderly, they don’t matter right? How selfish have we all become?

The earliest all non-essential businesses can open is on 8th April 2021. Easter has been and gone without a penny being made at such a crucial time. (Standby Scotland – Nicola is still a fan of her tiers and would still like to change tier and restriction level at a drop of a hat so you’re in for one hell of a ride).

Do you know what, I hope that all lockdowns are lifted and life returns to normal as soon as possible, as a very pretty picture is being painted for us. However, we have to remember that we have been in this situation before. Businesses opened up over the summer, only to be closed down for 6 months.

“The coming spring and summer would be seasons of hope, looking and feeling incomparably better for us all.” He [Boris] could not guarantee his plan would be irreversible “but the intention that it should be.”

Your business is not just for summer. Your business is for life.

He’s leading us all on a merry dance and like the Pied Piper he is leading us in a trance to our untimely fate, not the finish line. For the rats, that end was not smelling of roses.

“I hope 2021 will be remembered as the year humanity worked together like never before to defeat a common foe.”

A recent quote from Boris in preparation for the virtual G7 meet last week, where he is inferring that the vaccine is our saviour from COVID-19. That’s what he wants us to believe. How can you believe it after all of the lies he has told us this year?

Can you really not see it yet? Boris the affable clown with his roadmap of the journey we are about to take with him and he’ll give you sweeties on the way, if you are good, that is. He and his cronies playing up to the media and the media lapping it up in spades, repeating the propaganda until they are blue in the face. What about Hancock and his crocodile tears at the beginning of the vaccine roll out? A prime example of the pantomime being played out.

Oh no it isn’t. Oh yes, it certainly is!
They are all laughing at us and our acquiescence.

What if Boris the affable clown is actually a facade, and what lies beneath is far more sinister. Is Boris the Pennywise that drags us all into the dark, rancid pit of despair?

The vaccine isn’t going to save small businesses. Boris isn’t going to save small businesses, he doesn’t care for them. Boris is our common foe.

It is time to open up businesses and save ourselves, before it is too late.

Written by Kate

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