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Trina – Empowering Business 24.04.21.

I had a great conversation with Trina where we got to know more about her and why she has decided to partake on this journey of assisting others with empowering knowledge. Common Law for Small Businesses has been set-up purely to aid those...

What Pandemic?

For the previous 4 days April 3rd-6th there have been 66 people die of/with/from? Covid. 16.5 people a day. This is not a pandemic if it ever truly was. The tests are near useless being use the way they are. So why does it continue? Why has Boris just announced a test...

Do You Know Your Rights? Stephen Morris – The Workers Of England Union

Trina from interviews Stephen Morris of the workers of England union. Stephen breaks down for us what rights workers have and whats steps can be taken to ensure that these rights are respected! Source video:...

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