Food Bank Queue Footage Reveals The True Cost Of Lockdowns

March 11, 2021

Footage has emerged which shows a food bank queue in Wembley, London. The chilling scene reveals the true cost of lockdowns and again solidifies why we must get out of lockdown, and stay out. When the ability for people to function effectively in a society is deliberately interfered with, then results such as this are the outcome.

We must open up the country, fully, improving the economy and raising the living standards for everyone. Should the UK continue on this current lockdown course, scenes such as the one below would only be the beginning and this is absolute insanity given the incredible potential the human currently has with its technological advancements. Perhaps other parts of humanity need to be further developed to know how to handle and deal with the current situation we are in.

Rest assured, here at The Great Reopening we will continue on, lockdown or no lockdown, as the end goal really is improving the life for the people of the UK and ultimately, freedom. It may be a long road there however we will continue to do everything we can to not only help the business owners of the UK but also the entire nation and every soul in it!

Lets come together and make the mile long food banks queue a one off occurrence and not a part of the ‘new normal’.


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