Generation Covid?

March 2, 2021

I don’t personally have children at school age, but if I did there is no way I would be sending them to school. The treatment that is being forced upon our young ones and teenagers is really disturbing to see. Nobody can have a clear idea of what the long term affects upon them will be. But there are compelling reasons to suppose those affects could be very damaging.

Like so much related to Boris’ lockdown restrictions, none of these measures have ever been used before on such a large scale. It’s experimental, and our children are being used as the lab rats. 

What disturbs and worries me most about it, and most parents will share these concerns, is that the isolating of the children, under the banner of social distancing, is profoundly unnatural and anti-human. It doesn’t take much common sense to realise that this is going to have serious consequences on their development; especially for the very young. 

By nature children play and learn close together, with lots of physical contact; touch is how we begin to assess and comprehend the world around us as babies. Seeing images of school children separated into their own individual bubbles, chalk circles and plastic cubicles, is heart-breaking. It’s not natural; they should be scrambling over each other in a big heap; loud, boisterous, and joyful – that’s how children interact. They are not automatons adapted to sterile environments. 

From a physical health point of view, regardless of the psychological cost which will certainly be demonstrated later, this separation is a terrible idea. Without natural close contact with family and play-mates they will not develop robust immune systems. They are being set up for a lifetime of fragile health. 

They also need to see the faces of those they are interacting with. Children take their cues from peoples’ responses, and thereby learn how to successfully interact with others. If this situation were to continue, they will reach adulthood with severely stunted cognitive and social skills. Forming meaningful relationships will be a struggle for them, to put it mildly. 

There is no evidence at all that they either carry or spread Covid-19. They pose no meaningful danger either to their classmates or to adults. Yet the conditions they are now being subjected to are likely to pose many serious physical and mental health risks to them. No risk assessment, short or long term has been conducted. 

Mask-wearing, whilst impairing their cue-based learning, is also physically damaging for children (and for adults); restricting the flow of oxygen to the developing brain. No reliable or meaningful research into long term consequences has been carried out.

If at all possible, please consider keeping your children at home, and teaching them yourself, during this time; invite grandparents to help perhaps. Until common sense prevails over pseudo science.

Written by Jason

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